Welcome to Kultivate!

Kultivate is a software suite which aims to bring the latest information, communication, and big data science technologies to agricultural enterprises. It is a holistic software suite that addresses several unique requirements of agricultural enterprises.

Kultivate enables efficiency

Kultivate increases the efficiency of field officers by readily providing all the information needed to perform their work and provide platform log their activities with simple taps/swipes. The app replaces traditional field notebooks, thereby increasing consistent record keeping, identification of missing data, identification of actionable intelligence in real-time. It also replaces mundane tasks like report writing with configurable, auto-generatable reports. For an example the app readily provides input requirement for next week so an FO can order them in advance. Such precise planning also reduces the wastage, a huge cost to the business and environment.

Kultivate enables informed decision

Kultivate enables executives to make better decisions with insights from the data in real-time. It provides oversight opportunities for supervisors over their FOs. Integration of weather data helps in estimating potential harvest and input requirements, pest incidences.

Profitable businesses and Happy Farmers

Kultivate enables the enterprises to adhere to GAPs, perform quality control and provide traceability to their produces. Both of these are becoming critical requirements in food processing industry.

Our system: Kultivate

The suite consists of four parts.

  • a cloud computation/storage system which
    • stores protocols, crop and varietal info, weather data, pest occurrences, soil data etc
    • generate actionable items from data
    • serve data and intelligence to mobile/web apps
  • A mobile app for field officers (also a companion app for farmers) which
    • maintains comprehensive information about each farm, crop stages, contact info, lat-long coordinates, plot history etc
    • categorized actionable items for the day/week
    • overall input forecast for all the farms for a given period
    • produce predictions for all the farms for a given period
    • centralized input inventory management system that interacts with other FOs
    • ability to log notes on farmers' individual practices
  • A mobile app for farmers which
    • contains simillar functions as that of FOs but only for a single farmer
  • A web app for executives
    • that provides insights into the progress in real-time
    • that presents relevant data and help taking informed decisions
    • provides oversight opportunities in real-time